Samford Valley Project

I’m so glad I asked Bec to come in and help me. I could not find a solution for my small ugly bathroom but Bec came up with an idea that is awesome. It’s one of my favourite rooms in the house now and we were able to fit the big bath that I desperately wanted. Thx Bec




St Lucia Project

Asking Bec to help me out with my townhouse has been the best move I have made regarding my redecorating adventure. I was at a total loss with my dining/living area. Bec came along and not only developed the most amazing solution in terms of my floor plan but also a style (tropical retro which is so cool) and a beautiful mood board to use as my starting point. Not only did Bec give me a finishing schedule for the living/dining but also for my bedroom and 3 exterior spaces- she went above and beyond.. She has been incredibly professional but at the same time easy to communicate with and get to know. Bec is affordable and delivers very quickly on her schedules. She and I are going ahead with all the purchasing now – again with her amazing guidance and I am thrilled. I could not recommend Bec highly enough. She is awesome !!

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