North Brisbane Bungalow Style Home – Under Construction

Overall Intent
Identify a style to guide the entirety of the home keeping relaxed, young family life in mind. Keep the colour palette light while taking into account exterior views.

The Space & Inspiration
Create a family friendly space by drawing inspiration from California Bungalows. Soft greys and whites are warmed by timber floors and caramels while pale greens and pinks create focal points within your home through accessories such as art and cushions.
The addition of paneled walls and pretty decorative tiles in restrained quantities creates interest and defines the style of the home. Adding storage allows for tucking away all of the things that come with family life.
Colour Palette
Whites/ Creams (fresh, efficiency) Soft Greys (Neutrality/ sophistication) Green (Balance, harmony, refreshment) Blush/ Rose (Nurture, warmth, love) Brown/ Caramel (earthiness, warmth)

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