When renovating your home, there are so many moving parts to be considered, from tile selections and grout colour to livable layouts.  Working through the decisions can be time consuming and often feel overwhelming, all while you manage your own career.

Working with an experienced interior designer gifts you your precious time and a home that is finished to a considered and professional level.

Through my experience and process of design documentation for trades, I can reduce the stress and unknowns in your home renovation while you keep doing what you do best.  Lets make your new home a reality.

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Full Service Design

What does this mean?  It means I will do everything that’s required for your project including:

– Creating a concept as a guiding idea for the project.

– Designing the floorplan so it fits your family for now and then.

– Digital renders for key home areas (kitchen, laundry, bathroom) so you can see the idea.

– Furniture selections, orders and placement.  This includes any custom upholstery required.

– Selecting finishes such as paint, laminates, window dressings etc

– Detailed documentation for your trades so that they can quote accurately and know what to do when no one is on site.

– Being available to trades for when questions come up.

– Styling your beautiful new spaces so that they feel like home.

What I won’t do- Interior Designers are legally not allowed to project manage trades but I’m happy to work with your trades and recommend my preferred trades.



The Design Process


-We always begin with a discovery survey.  This survey is intended as an initial insight into who you are and where your home goals and issues lie.

-Once I’ve received your survey I will schedule a time to visit with you, allowing us to further explore what you can achieve in your home.  This visit will be at my initial consult fee of $400 and last for approximately one and a half hours.  I will provide advice while I am with you in your home.

– During this visit I would love it if you could share any personal belongings that you would like showcased, restored or specially cared for.  I will also ask to see any images of spaces you have seen and love.

– Shortly after the discovery visit I will send you a quote for design work. Let me know if you would like to proceed.


When you know you’re ready to start I will arrive with an initial style guide to show you.  This is to verify we are on the right track and make adjustments before we get too far along.

At the same time I complete a check measure so I can start drawing up floor plans.


Based on your feedback regarding the initial style guide I will complete and deliver your completed design (don’t worry, adjustments can be made).  This will include a combination of the following depending on your needs:



-Showroom visits where appropriate

-Style guides including selections of products and finishes where appropriate

-Lighting design and selection of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes are completed.

-Budgets are approved.


In this phase all concepts are carefully documented so they can be used for trade quoting, construction and installation purposes,  Take a closer look here – Design Documentation


Scope of works are sent to trades for quoting purposes.  If you have someone you trust and love I will definitely call them first.  If not I have a list of trades up my sleeve.  Final sign off for trades will sit with you.

Site visits are made to verify project quality and progress.

Furnishings are delivered and installed.


Would you like to get started?  Complete the discovery survey and I’ll contact you when it comes in.

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