15 Moss Installations You’ll Love

I don’t think I have to explain to many people that including plants into your home is a perfect way to soften hard surfaces in interiors, add life and create connection to nature, .  They’re good for our mental health, help with cleaning air and are an important part of beautiful styling.  But have you considered moss as an option?

Moss walls have been a rising trend in the corporate world.  They have some really awesome attributes such as being fantastic acoustic and air toxin absorbers.  They add the green element we’re looking for while being low maintenance and they come in a range of colours.   Plus they’re of so touchable.  But then I wondered whether we might use them in our homes which sent me down a very green rabbit hole.  The answer is yes!  I found quite a collection of beautiful examples and wanted to share them with you too.

But first a few more things about moss walls.  Moss walls are made from lichen from forest floors and can be installed as living or preserved moss.  If your moss is living it will require some humidity (approximately 55-65%) and misting if the air dries out.  Although if it’s in your bathroom, your shower will probably do the job for you. It is generally grown on a bed of peat moss that’s attached to a hard backing.  While direct sunlight (especially in Australia) may be a little too harsh it can tolerate low light levels.

Preserved moss is perfect even if you fail with plants normally.  It’s not actually alive but treated so that it maintains its healthy look and doesn’t grow fungi or bacteria.  It’s environmentally friendly compared to artificial plants and can have an antistatic treatment applied reducing the issue of dust.  Your moss be dyed to different colours (with people friendly food dye) and fire rated (practical and fun).  You can have your moss set into shaped containers and add lighting allowing your creativity to run free.

Moss walls are something you can have a go at creating yourself or have installed by one of the many talented companies across the world.  I have a feeling that at least a few of you will be looking for ways to incorporate moss after looking through these amazing installations.

@jellinadetmars kitchen is a perfect example of moss wall art scaled exactly right. I love the way it lifts your eye and draws you in.  @Moswens have absolutely nailed it.


They could have carried the timber the whole way across or used plasterboard, but I think you have to agree the moss wall is softening the whole feel of this bedroom. Install by Vetor Garden


This might be my dream bar. An install at Auction House Market by Luna Botanicals. Not only is this a beautiful backdrop to a bar, it will help soften the noise of a rowdy bunch.


The Bonnie Bothy demonstrating that any corner of your home can take a little moss, or a lot.


Studio G Architects have transformed a hard sterile stairwell with a skylight and a striking moss wall art.


This large moss wall softens the mood as you move through to the dining room.  What a wonderful way to add calm and set the tone for dinner conversations.


Need a statement art in your entry? Here it is! Plant Scapers have nailed it. I bet they could create a piece to replicate an aerial view of your favourite coastline.


Don’t you just love the way this living room wall draws you in. The hanging planter just adds to the jungle feel here.


Oh my goodness. Need to bring a little zen? MNDFL Studio achieved exactly that with their moss installation by ‘The Sill’

If you’re loving the idea of moss in your home but you’re not ready to commit to a large installation try this moss tray from Holly Bee and Company (Etsy)

Vertigrow UK and Rose and Grace Interiors collaborated to create this spectacular bathroom. Their clients asked for the exterior to be brought in and so they did…with moss.

I just loved the way Fuel Bistros moss sign pops off their brickwork. You could do something similar with a word of your choice.  Maybe Hello Beautiful or the name of your house.  I’m thinking Jungle Boogie in a kids jungle themed room would be so fun.


Another beautiful bathroom example. It just makes so much sense.


I found this great example of a moss installation over at @diydanmark He also has some other lovely projects on the run so check his page out.⁠


This final one may not be for every one but I wouldn’t be sharing all of the delights if I didn’t share this. Back in 2009 Japan-based flower artist Makoto Azuma collaborated with Unitika Ltd. to create an indoor glade for the Milan design fair. Who knows, maybe there’s a a place this will work in your home (I’m thinking shady courtyards or a bath set into a bed of green).


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