If you love this shelf styling here’s a couple of trade secrets.

  1. Create connections between shelves with colour.  It may be that you have repeated the same colours on each shelf or that you group like colours together.  Creating pattern with colour helps create a feeling of order when there is none.
  2. Group items together to create small clusters known as vignettes.   Think of vignettes like families.  They may all look alike or not but generally have a range of sizes and if possible textures.  If your vignette is not on a shelf pop it on a tray or book to give it some boundaries.
  3. If you can’t find the right piece hack it. I needed a playful pot in teal to work with the room so I’ve spray painted a @targetaus pot. Very affordable.
  4. Add some books.  Standing up, lying down, it’s ok.  They are great props and isn’t nice to read instead of netflix sometimes.  These books are @penguinbooksaus Classic books and help continue the colour palette.
  5. Escape the boundaries of the shelf space with a trailing plant or in this case some cute birds. It will create a fun, relaxed feel in your home.  The little birds on the wall are @kaisercraft birds spray painted. Blu-tak the birds to the wall and hello pretty styling.

For more on this room pop over to the project http://elskainteriors.com.au/bohemian-girls-bedroom/


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