Party season has sprung up with spring and I love parties. I thought I’d share some of my top tips for a memorable party that you can try this season.

THEMING –  I like to treat me parties like any interior design project. By identifying the style/ theme and colour palette I can create a party that wows guests on entry. Think about the purpose of the party & then find your inspiration. It could be anything from a fantastic image to a beautiful piece of paper. If you are throwing the party for someone else consider their favourite colour or a place they love. Create a Pinterest board to pull together your party ideas always keeping your colour palette and style/theme in mind. Don’t stop at decorations either. Consider your food/ cake, music and entertainment. Make a list of everything you plan to do and the materials you need.

PLANNING – It seems obvious right? If you’re planning a major party event it’s a good idea to create checklists. I always have lists of guests (including confirmations), menu, decorations and serving ware and any housework or party prep jobs that might need to occur before hand. Keeping a written list and checking it off as I go means I don’t have to keep a list in my head and I can make sure I’m on track. If you can delegate anything then always do.

HOUSE GUESTS – If your parties are like mine there’s a fair chance you’ll end up with extra boarders. Make them feel at home by keeping fresh linen and pillows together for such events. Above all, relax and have fun. If your home is not as perfect as you had imagined or you forgot a key piece to your party, there is a fair chance your guests will not notice because they will be enjoying spending time with you :).


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