Have you just spent another crazy week between work and home?  You’re exhausted, mildly stressed and it will all start again next week.  You are not alone if you feel like today’s society has culminated in a feeling of constant go go go.  Work life balance seems unattainable with constant connectivity and long days to meet the forever demanding deadlines.  So when you return home it is more important than ever that it is a place for you to relax and rejuvenate.

We can all recognize those spaces that just look like relaxing things are unfolding in.  But what is that magic formula they have going on there?  Step one is that it’s tidy.  I know, I know.  You’re already so busy.  So how can you get the house tidied.  Firstly, seriously consider spending one day a month to start sorting through sections of your house and removing unloved, unnecessary items (be ruthless).  You would be surprised by how many random things (even rubbish) get stored away.  Cluttered spaces create a feeling of chaos in homes.  Only display truly treasured items.  Hide other necessities away in cupboards and coordinating boxes and baskets.  This initial hurdle will change your life.

Second, have great storage at your entry.  This is the place we (and I especially mean our kids lol) tend to drop things on the way in, creating immediate clutter.  Use hooks for bags, baskets for shoes or maybe a great console that will hide all of your things away.   Make it easy and it should work.  For the random things left out anyway, spend 5 min twice a day clearing away toys and random things left out.  If you’re not sure how to start go back to my post .   And if you are truly finding it impossible to complete all of your cleaning, maybe it is time to invest in hiring a cleaner.  Consider it a mental health strategy :).   Now you have the order required to create a calm space.

It is important to feel that your place is yours and yours alone.  That it is a place of rest and you will not be disturbed.  Create a feeling of privacy and quiet in your home by hiding away neighbours using screens, sheer curtains, blinds and plants.  If you can, turn off your work phone or at least move it out of site.  Try to have your office in a space that can be closed away.  Closing a door on work and bills has a great way of closing our brains to it.  Our brains are very good at ignoring what is beyond the immediate information presented.

Cue relaxation using some plants, coordinating throws, cushions, rugs and places to rest.  Soft furnishings and plants create feelings of nurture.  Add art to a prominent focal point that makes you feel calm.  For nurturing and energizing colours include pinks, greens, whites and blues.  During the evening use candles and lamps to create soft lighting.  When the morning comes, fill your home with natural light.  The evidence that natural light is an amazing mood lifter is undeniable.  Sunlight will increase the release of serotonin in your brain (known as happy chemical) so open heavy curtains, use mirrors to bounce light and if you can afford to, install sky lights or windows.

The things we hear and smell also impact our mood significantly.  One of the easiest actions you can take is to add a relaxing scent.  Try Lavendar, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Citrus essential oils.  I’ve popped a link for creating your own blend at the bottom of this article or alternatively some great places for essential oils and diffusers include Perfect Potion and Karma Living located at Chermside, Qld and various other locations across the country.  Create a feeling of relaxation by turning off the TV and popping on some calming or uplifting music.  If you live in an area where traffic is heavy try to close windows and doors to the traffic side.  On decks and in courtyards, use outdoor speakers, plants, candles and water features to create areas of calm.  I can highly recommend the Sony ultra portable speakers which have great sound and are water and dust resistant.  Use it wherever you’re hiding out.  On your deck, in your parents retreat or in the bathroom.

These are all actions you can start taking today leading to the more relaxing life that you deserve.  By focusing on yourself and your happiness you will be a better employee, friend, parent and partner.  Or alternatively, call me so I can help you by creating your sanctuary for you.



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