So you’ve decided that you would like help with your home but where do you start?  If you do a quick google in your city you will find there are about as many designers and decorators for hire as there are coloured sprinkles on fairy bread.  Hiring someone to help with your homes design can be a great investment but when it goes wrong it can be costly and stressful.  However there are a couple of things that you can do to narrow down your selection ensuring a successful outcome i.e. that amazing space that you’ve been dreaming about.

Firstly it’s important to understand the scope of work that you want to undertake to determine the services you require.  Will you be needing a kitchen remodel or are you searching for some new artwork?  Interior designers and decorators will be able to help you in different ways.  While designers and decorators have some overlapping skills they are different roles.  Designers have an understanding of local legislation, spacial arrangements, form and function of a home and are therefore able to help if you are intending to complete structural changes.  Most designers will also decorate and some can complete drawings for submission to council.   Interior Decorators have a focus on the aesthetics of your home with a keen sense for colour and shape.

Recommendations and endorsements are the best.  If you know anyone who has hired a designer and you love the work it’s a great place to start.  Or use the hive mind of your social media group for a recommendation.   See if they can post an image of their space for you.  If you’re working with a builder already they may have a recommendation.  Builders often work closely with designers on projects and know who their clients loved.

Your city will probably have a decorator and designers association which will list a group of qualified decorators and designers.  If you’re looking for an interior designer or decorator in Brisbane look into QIDA – Queensland Interior Decorators Association Inc.

Take a look at designer’s websites.  Most designers will include images of work they’ve completed previously plus reviews.  Designers all have varying styles and it’s best if you can select one with a style that closely reflects yours.  Make a list of ones with great reviews and rooms that you love and take time to meet with a few of them.  When you speak with them have some images of your dream space on hand and be clear about your budget and what you would like to achieve.  Finally, the most important thing about your designer is the relationship that you have with them.  It is so very important that your designer makes you feel comfortable and understands your intent because designing for your home is so very personal.  Good luck 🙂


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