Hi there lovely people.  If you were following me on insta in January you would have seen that I had a crazy idea to create a new thing for every day of the month.  Honestly, I threw this idea out after a couple of wines without thinking it through and let me tell you that it was a lot harder than what I had originally anticipated lol .  After all, normal life hadn’t stopped.  It was really intended to be a tool to explore my creative side further and increase innovative thought processes, which it did.  I found myself pushing harder to come up with new ideas and turn around failed attempts to meet my goal.  The patinated serving tray was an experiment and never planned that way.  I didn’t even know that I could create a patinated look in that way or achieve the relief from the leaves.  I love those kinds of accidents :).  I’m sharing the process here today so that you can also have a go if you like.  It’s simple but will take a few days to complete.


-IKEA Skala Tray  Note : I used the IKEA Skala tray because the form is so lovely and it’s only $19.99.  The IKEA Stockholm tray would be a suitable option too.

-Dura Max Gold Spray Paint

-All in one White Primer Spray Paint

-Painters Tape

-Leaves from your garden

-Scissors for cutting leaves and painters tape (just makes it easier 🙂 )


  1. Because this is a laminate it’s a good idea to give it a very light sand and wipe down first.
  2. Spray paint the entire tray with an all in one white primer spray paint.  I used a low sheen paint but gloss would be suitable too.
  3. Leave the tray to dry for at least 24 hours and then tape the edges with painters table leaving only the base of the tray exposed.
  4. Paint the base of the tray with Dura Max gold spray paint and leave to dry for around 12-18 hours.
  5. In the next step I used leaves to create texture for age and interest.  Give the tray another quick paint with the Dura Max gold and then place the leaves down before the paint dries.  This prevents the leaves from blowing away and increases the amount of texture achieved.
  6. While the leaves are still in place spray paint the entire base with the Dura Max Gold and then remove all of the leaves immediately.  If it is a hot day the paint will start to dry before you remove the leaves so work quickly.  Leave the tray to dry for another 24 hours.
  7. Finally, take some 400 grit sand paper and give your tray a very light sand in the sections you want it to look patinated.  The sanded sections start to look darker and patinated.  I think it is nice if it is irregular, keeping the shiny gold in some small sections.
  8. Make sure you remove your painters tape.  It would be worthwhile giving it a coat with a clear sealer and allowing it to dry for another 48-72 hours.  Because it has multiple layers of paint they will take time to harden and may incur indentations if you start serving your favourite cocktails from it straight away.


Happy crafting 🙂


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