Samford Valley Historical Home

When my clients first approached me, their 100 plus year old home had already undergone a beautiful kitchen restoration and was ready for someone to breathe new life into the living spaces.  A key requirement for my clients was to ensure the spaces were robust and comfortable for hosting large gatherings of family and friends and incorporate existing pieces.  To transform the living rooms from their previous 90’s/00’s renovations I focused on creating a home that referenced a light and bright country estate in an age where ferneries were a place to congregate, scones were served fresh from the oven and isolation from the rest of the world was expected and comfortable.  A place that holds a presence due to her history but is not too grand for small children to run and play or families to find comfort in cocooning spaces.

Colour palette references were drawn from the exterior house colours, the newly reinstated kitchen and dining room and the Leadlight windows.

Interior Designer: Elska Interiors

Captured By: John Downs Photography


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