I know it’s not spring, however I have recently noticed a growing trend amongst my friends to reduce their possessions. I do not know if it is simply due to a stage in our lives or if perhaps society has reached consumer saturation because this is certainly beyond spring cleaning.
I do know that the clutter in my home makes me unhappy. I’ve always loved a good clear out, so when one of my lovely friends told me about the KonMari method (Marie Kondo) I was intrigued. The fundamental philosophy is that when you hold an item it should spark joy. If you are only surrounded by things you truly appreciate & love, you will ultimately be happier. It may seem strange for an interior designer to be discussing reducing the items they own, however interior designers believe a good edit of your home & only owning things you love or need results in a home you love. Ultimately, the items that are not sparking joy are hiding what you love.
I recommend reading the KonMari method for a true lasting change but here are some basic tips.
1. Review your belongings by category into 3 piles (charity, rubbish, love/ need). Marie recommends starting with clothes, however I prefer the kitchen because I have less attachment to kitchen items. If you love the item or need to use it frequently it stays. Otherwise, it needs to go. Be ruthless.
2. Before anything goes back, clean the area & pop in labelled storage if appropriate. For children’s areas use photos of what belongs in the container.
3. Only bring in new items if you truly love or need them.


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