The Laundry Guide

Hi there lovely.  If you’re planning a laundry update you’ve come to the right place.  I find that these days clients are looking for something that goes beyond the basic laundry requirements.  Laundries have become spaces that need to be both highly functioning and inspiring.  So here’s some of my key requirements for a laundry that will have you loving wash day.

The combination of penny round and tap is all this laundry needs to draw you in.

A cute little pot next to a ball of twine goes along way here.

Create an Inspiring Room

It’s so important to add a little something that you love in your laundry.  It might be a statement tap or a tile that is just Ooh la la!  I always like to add decorative items like plants in pretty pots, art or pretty hooks for hand towels.  Add warmth and interest through texture and pattern like timber, wall paneling, a detailed tile or baskets.  And don’t forget to include enough storage to keep things tidy. ⁠









 Create Connection With Your Home

It’s important that as your laundry room is telling the same story as the rest of your home.  Select your cabinetry door profiles, colour palette and tiles so that they reflect the rest of your home.  If you’re using a muted colour palette throughout, use it here.  If you have used VJ in other areas, consider if a little can be incorporated in the laundry and keep hardware styles similar.

Mix Up the Storage

I always love to add a little open storage.  It allows you to store things you’d like quick access to like clean towels, laundry powder or for the kids to store their school bags in.  I also love the opportunity it offers to see things like a pretty storage basket or plant.  All of those things just make spaces feel a little more friendly while letting you display your personality.


Keep It Functional

When selecting your sink, make sure you can at least fit a bucket.  From there it really depends on the type of person you are.  Do you need to soak clothes in your sink, hand wash clothes or wash a small dog in there?

Consider including power into your broom closet for recharging vacuums and steam mops.

For some extra awesome functionality I love it when I can add functional items like an ironing board and wash basket into a pullout drawer.  Check out Lincoln Sentry for some excellent options.

Always go to the ceiling with your storage.  Even if you’re only storing your Christmas decorations up there you’ll be glad that you did.

If you have the room think about adding a bench seat with baskets underneath and coat hooks and you will have created yourself a little mudroom. 



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