The Scent Of Christmas

December is about to skip back into our lives with all of the sparkly joy that she brings. And while our tree has been up for weeks already (early for me) I’m still slowly sinking into the idea of Christmas. So I felt that the best way to infuse our home with the season would be through scent. I wanted to share them with you too. I’m sitting at my desk right now with all of them in front of me. It smells so good 🥰

Here are my favourite Christmas scents for 2021-

1 @myrtleandmoss Christmas Soy Candle is infused with the scent of Fir, pine and spruce. I personally found this one to have some woody undertones that are particularly comforting. Like all Myrtle and Moss products you’ll love this one too. (I completely indulged and mines almost gone)

2. @sand_and_fog_candles Winter White is beautifully sweet in a festive glass holder. It’s large with a 7 wick candle making it a brilliant table centre piece and ensuring its scent will carry. I left the lid off mine and the scent filled the kitchen overnight. Available through @tkmaxxau

3. Now confession, I may have bought all of the @glasshouse Christmas candles 😅 and I love them all. But Naughty & Nice Handful of Candy Canes smells like you’ve just returned to the age of 10 and fallen into Santa’s Workshop. Absolute Christmas Joy. And the pearlescent jar is oh so pretty.

Myrtle And Moss

Sand and Fog













4. Mistletoe Kisses diffuser from @thechristmasshop You won’t have to travel to #Stanthorpe to pick this one up (it’s available online) but maybe you should…just to pat the Reindeer 🦌. The scent is beautiful and I especially love the cinnamon stick for diffusing the scent.

5. Christmas biscuits. Honestly, who can resist the scent of Christmas biscuits. It’s as easy as adding 1 tsp of ground ginger and 1 tsp of ground cinnamon to your favourite butter biscuit recipe. Bake them for yourselves or as gifts for friends.

6. Finally, nothing says Christmas like the scent of pine. Consider organising a real Christmas tree this year. There’s still time. If you can’t do that, large branches of pine in a vase of water will last throughout the month. Out of water they’ll last a few weeks.

Ok, time to spread some festive cheer with candles.

The Christmas Shop

Spiced Christmas Biscuits

My beautiful tree from last year.


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